MAITECH TIRE opens its doors

MAITECH TIRE is holding a series of open days at its 16,000 square meters headquarters complex in Verona, for selected customers, OEMs and companies from MAITECH’s global network of dedicated partners.

MAITECH brand tires are used throughout the world and the company’s portfolio of OTR radials, earthmover, construction and industrial tires has gained a reputation for quality and reliability in the most testing of applications.

The company has recently opened a new technical and commercial office in Verona and, according to MAITECH Chairman Ian Thomas, the open days will give users and dealers alike an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the company. “We decided not to hold a single open day,” said Thomas, “rather we are running a series of days, inviting a limited number of guests for each one.” He went on: “This will enable us to devote more time and attention to individuals, to tell them of our future plans and to listen carefully to what they expect from us and our tires.”

Customer feedback has been at the heart of the group and its products, since its foundation in 1953 and this continues today. To Ian Thomas and his colleagues, the logic is inescapable. “We at MAITECH believe in trying to give the customer exactly what he wants and requires,” Thomas said, “but we can only do this if we ask him exactly what he is looking for.”